A Mini Landscaping Lesson

A Mini Landscaping Lesson Landscaping AustinA Mini Landscaping Lesson: Landscaping has often been likened to the painting of a picture. Your art-work teacher has doubtless told you that a good picture should have a point of chief interest, and the rest of the points simply go to make more beautiful the central idea, or to form a fine setting for it. So in landscaping there must be in the gardener’s mind a picture of what he desires the whole to be when he completes his landscaping project.

Should you include lots of bare open lawn in your landscaping theme? A large extent of open luscious green lawn space is always beautiful. It is restful.

What about open landscaping

This type of open landscaping adds a feeling of space to even small grounds. If you cover your lawn space with many trees, with little flower beds here and there, the general effect is choppy and fussy. A bit like an over-dressed person. Not the most visual appealing result from your landscaping efforts.

When landscaping, a single tree or a small group is not a bad arrangement on the lawn. Do not center the tree or trees. Let them drop a bit into the background. Make a pleasing side feature of them. In choosing trees for your landscaping project, keep in mind a number of things. You should not choose an overpowering tree. The tree should have a good shape, with something interesting about its bark, leaves, flowers or fruit.

Luscious landscapes

For the beauty of landscaping, the catalpa is quite lovely by itself. Its leaves are broad, its flowers attractive, the seed pods which cling to the tree until way into the winter, add a bit of picturesqueness. Light Columns. The bright berries of the ash, the brilliant foliage of the sugar maple, the blossoms of the tulip tree, the bark of the white birch, and the leaves of the copper beech all these are beauty points to consider when planning your overall landscaping arrangement.

Landscaping may follow along very formal lines or along informal lines. The first would have straight paths, straight rows in stiff beds, everything, as the name tells, perfectly formal. The other method is, of course, the exact opposite. You should consider the advantages and danger points in each.

A Mini Landscaping Lesson

In conclusion, plan for open lawn spaces in your overall landscaping design and keep a visually appealing tree to blend in the background. Think balance and you will come up with a beautiful landscaping design for your yard says Landscaping Services Austin.

How Safe is the Carpet Cleaning Chemical You Use?

How Safe is the Carpet Cleaning Chemical You Use? There is currently a battle ranging between two different types of individuals over how safe each and every carpet cleaning chemical is to use. Obviously, something that removes stains and odors from your floor is going to be a pretty powerful chemical which should not be taken lightly.

What are the next steps

Some individuals, however, have called for the complete ban of all forms of the carpet cleaning chemical found in most of the popular carpet cleaning shampoos. This is due to the possibility of causing health problems down the road. As far as the average homeowner is concerned, nearly any carpet cleaning chemical that professional carpet cleaning companies like Carpet Cleaning Riverside CA use is perfectly harmless in the amounts used in your home. You should not, however eat off of your floor right after your carpet was cleaned and do not allow children to play on the floor until at least a week after the carpet cleaning was finished.

How Safe is the Carpet Cleaning Chemical You Use?

For those people who irrationally despise every single carpet cleaning chemical on the market today, there are plenty of alternatives. The first is to use one of the various forms of dry carpet cleaning which mostly use club soda or other carbonated liquids mixed with an abrasive agent. Alternatively, those who fear the effects of a carpet cleaning chemical can resort to old fashioned methods of carpet cleaning which require more physical exertion than actual cleaning products.

What to do if you want to do it yourself

If you are looking for ways to keep your carpet cleaned without using a carpet cleaning chemical or old fashioned remedy, then there are certain steps to follow that can keep your carpet looking tip top. Firstly, you should vacuum at least twice a week to keep all of the dirt from rubbing deep into the weave. Also, you should immediately clean up any spills and tell anyone who enters your house to wipe their feet or take off their shoes. Finally, as a last ditch effort, if your carpet is beyond the point of carpet cleaning (even with a carpet chemicals) then you should consider replacing the entire carpet throughout your home.

Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning: The traditional method of cleaning carpet can become cumbersome at times. Since it requires a water source, carpet cleaning can be difficult to do. Some carpet cleaners come with tubes that have to be connected to the water faucet in order to clean the carpet. Other cleaners have to be filed with water. These can be hard to pull around the house as you clean each room. As an alternative to these methods of carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning can be used in order to do a quality cleaning job without as much effort.

What are its advantages?

Since dry carpet cleaning does not require an extra water source, this is one less thing that you have to worry about. Most kinds of dry carpet cleaning require the use of some kind of shampoo or other solution to be put on the floor and allowed to sit for a period of time. After this time has expired, you simply vacuum the solution and the carpet is clean.

Another advantage of dry carpet cleaning is that you do not have to be concerned with getting all the moisture out of the carpet. With the traditional way of carpet cleaning, mold and bacteria can develop if excess moisture is not removed from the carpet. When you clean your carpet with dry carpet cleaning, this excess moisture is not a concern.

What about delicate carpets?

Most people with delicate carpets are forced to have their carpets professional cleaned since the water carpet cleaning method would cause damage to the carpet. For people that have delicate carpets, the better alternative is to have the carpet professionally cleaned with Carpet Cleaning Memphis TN.

There are many benefits to using carpet cleaning over water-based methods of carpet cleaning. Not only is dry cleaning convenient and effective, it is also less expensive for those who are forced to have their carpet professionally cleaned.

Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Household Chemicals are Quick and Easy

Household Chemicals are Quick and Easy: When it comes to stains on your carpet or on your furniture, the most important thing to remember is to clean up the stain before it has a chance to set and soak into the material. This is especially true when you wish to avoid cleaning carpet stain which has soaked deep into depths of your carpet weave. If you are able to tackle the stain soon enough, you should not have to worry about breaking out any major chemicals which could be hazardous to your health over time. Instead, for stains which have not become deeply rooted, you are able to use simple household chemicals or old fashioned compounds which are perfectly safe and effective.

Natural ways to clean

Cleaning carpet stain with methods passed on from generation to generation has become popular in recent years with the ever growing irrational fear of chemicals people have been exhibiting. For those wishing to avoid use of such chemicals, look to run of the mill foods and drinks. When cleaning up wine spills for example, club soda is an excellent stain remover. Cleaning carpet stain that is embedded with grease should be done with baking soda or corn starch. You simply scrub it into the carpet and let it soak in for several hours or overnight. In the morning you can vacuum up the residue and the stain will have disappeared. Finally, most other stains can be lifted with a water and vinegar mixture which can also remove any odors which may have soaked deep into the carpet.

Household Chemicals are Quick and Easy

With a quick trip to the store, you can find a variety of dry cleaning agents, which, when mixed with water or more powder, can be another easy method for cleaning carpet stain. These dry cleaning techniques include powder and solvent mixtures which can simply be vacuumed up after you have scrubbed them into the carpet and removed the stain. Of course you could also save time and energy hiring a company like Carpet Cleaning Medford OR to take care of it.

Products of a Reputable Company

Products of a Reputable Company: A good carpet cleaning supply company will have everything the professional carpet cleaner will need to do his job, as well as everything a homeowner will need to keep his or her carpet and upholstered furniture in top shape. The main machine that battles against dirty carpets is known as a carpet extractor. This machine, in its most basic form, is a waterproof vacuum cleaner that extracts water and dirt from a carpet. Some models incorporate a spraying nozzle which soaks the carpet in soapy foam. Others have rotating bristles that scrub the carpet and help to remove ingrained dirt and debris.


In addition to the portable cleaners, any reputable carpet cleaning supply company should have truck mounted extractors as well. These are used by commercial and professional cleaners like Carpet Cleaning Springfield Mo who need a high-powered and reliable extracting machine. These machines are mounted in a truck and the cables and hoses that actually come in contact with the carpet must be run into the house, office, building, etc., where the cleaning is to be done. This company should have special detergent formulas for these high-potency machines, and because they can be tricky to operate, it may be best to leave the operation of theses machines to the professionals who have received training in their use.

Products of a Reputable Company

A carpet cleaning supply company who caters to business professionals as well as private consumers, should also have a number of other products. For example, they should have standard and professional vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, propane burnishers, carpet cleaning chemicals, and floor care solutions. They should also have a good customer supports system for those times you are having trouble with a machine. In fact, it is a good idea to try a machine out before you buy it. Some companies will allow a trial period for getting accustomed to a cleaner, while others encourage you to rent a machine before you buy it.

Right Carpet For Your Home

Right Carpet For Your Home: If you walk into any carpeting store, you’ll find yourself amazed at all of the choices that are there for you to pick from. You’ll find textured plush carpets, Saxony carpets, Berber carpets, and even commercial grade carpets. There are carpets that can be installed wall to wall, and carpets that can be cut to size with bound edges and carpet squares.

How to choose

Your first consideration when purchasing a new carpet should not be color, even though it is important. Your first consideration should be how much traffic you are going to have on the carpet. If you plan to put carpet in the bedroom, then it won’t have as much traffic as carpet in the living room.

Stain resistance will also be important, just ask professionals like Carpet Cleaning San Jose. This is something to think about with any carpet, especially carpet that is going to be used in a dining room or play room area where there will be a steady stream of food or possibilities for spills.

You’ll also want to inquire about the rating of the carpet as well. Indoor carpeting is normally rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating. Carpets with a 5 rating are considered the best for heavy traffic areas. Rating of 4 are considered outstanding and recommended for heavy
traffic areas of your home.

What kind of rating should your carpet have?

Ratings of 2.5 to 4 would provide normal durability for your home. Carpets that rate 2.5 or lower should only be used with light traffic areas, such as bedrooms. Choosing carpet based on the type of traffic it will receive can help you save a lot of money down the road, although you should buy
carpet suited to your needs and requirements.

The highest quality of carpet you can buy is carpet made of wool. Wool carpets are very expensive, although you’ll reap the benefits over years of use as wool will easily out perform any man made carpet. Two of the best benefits of wool carpet include its natural soil resistance and it’s ability to retain appearance, meaning it won’t crush or wear down like other carpets.

The downside to wool carpet, is the fact that it is out of reach for most of us. If you can’t afford to have wool carpet installed throughout your entire house, then you should instead have it installed in the room that receives the highest amount of traffic.

What about man made carpets?

There are several different man made carpets that you can choose from as well. If you have a high traffic area, then nylon would be an ideal choice
due to the durability. Nylon is stain resistant as well, and repels mildew.

Carpets made of olefin is also a great choice for high traffic areas as it is very strong and easy to clean. Polyester is another good carpet as it is easy to clean and repels water based stains. Polyester is known for the look and feel of wool, although it is much less expensive.

The color consideration is also important. Light colored carpets create an effect of a larger space, although they do tend to show stains more easily. Dark carpets on the other hand tend to absorb light, giving a room what many know as the “cozy feeling”.

Right Carpet For Your Home

When you find a carpet that appeals to you, you should ask to take a piece of it home. Look at it during natural daylight and at night under an artificial light to see if the color changes at all.

Bringing Outdoor Space In For Three-Season Use

Bringing Outdoor Space In For Three-Season Use Landscaping San Jose CA

Bringing Outdoor Space In For Three-Season Use: For many homeowners, patios and decks are a terrific investment toward spending more time outdoors. But those home additions come with something unpredictable: the great outdoors itself, with all its natural wonders-and hazards.

Imagine what it could be

Imagine a beautiful spring evening spent outside on your patio. Now picture how quickly a sudden shower can turn that idyllic image into a wet dash for cover. Or consider a summer afternoon picnic out on the deck. The sun and the scenery are great, but what about the bugs?

For many homeowners, patios and decks are a terrific investment toward spending more time outdoors. But those home additions come with something unpredictable: the great outdoors itself, with all its natural wonders-and hazards. But a new concept in construction is helping turn those exterior spaces into something more: all-purpose, three-season rooms. They protect against the very things that could otherwise spoil a good time outside, just ask professional landscapers like Landscaping San Jose.

Bringing Outdoor Space In For Three-Season Use

Porch systems enclose an existing or newly constructed patio or deck using pre-engineered modular wall panels and joining posts. The cool air and damaging sun are shielded by wooden wall panels to help us protect against it. These panels are secured to the floor using a threshold. Channeled vertical posts join the wall panels together to create a visually appealing facade.

Don’t forget carpenters

Carpenters and ambitious do-it-yourselfers can assemble Vixen Hill’s three-season or open rail porch systems with ease. The products’ modular design eliminates the complicated carpentry normally involved in this type of construction. Systematic installations are pre-assembled components (modules) that are designed to require the minimum number of fasteners.

“Most outdoor space is designed for a specific purpose and satisfies only one particular need” says Christopher Peeples, president and founder of Vixen Hill. The key benefit of our porch systems is that they have multiple uses. Outdoor spaces are created to give the feeling of the traditional wooden porch, and bring the comfort of the indoors outside. The addition can be an ideal space for entertaining friends and family, dining, reading or just relaxing. Homeowners get the best of outdoor living without leaving the house.