How Safe is the Carpet Cleaning Chemical You Use?

How Safe is the Carpet Cleaning Chemical You Use? There is currently a battle ranging between two different types of individuals over how safe each and every carpet cleaning chemical is to use. Obviously, something that removes stains and odors from your floor is going to be a pretty powerful chemical which should not be taken lightly.

What are the next steps

Some individuals, however, have called for the complete ban of all forms of the carpet cleaning chemical found in most of the popular carpet cleaning shampoos. This is due to the possibility of causing health problems down the road. As far as the average homeowner is concerned, nearly any carpet cleaning chemical that professional carpet cleaning companies like Carpet Cleaning Riverside CA use is perfectly harmless in the amounts used in your home. You should not, however eat off of your floor right after your carpet was cleaned and do not allow children to play on the floor until at least a week after the carpet cleaning was finished.

How Safe is the Carpet Cleaning Chemical You Use?

For those people who irrationally despise every single carpet cleaning chemical on the market today, there are plenty of alternatives. The first is to use one of the various forms of dry carpet cleaning which mostly use club soda or other carbonated liquids mixed with an abrasive agent. Alternatively, those who fear the effects of a carpet cleaning chemical can resort to old fashioned methods of carpet cleaning which require more physical exertion than actual cleaning products.

What to do if you want to do it yourself

If you are looking for ways to keep your carpet cleaned without using a carpet cleaning chemical or old fashioned remedy, then there are certain steps to follow that can keep your carpet looking tip top. Firstly, you should vacuum at least twice a week to keep all of the dirt from rubbing deep into the weave. Also, you should immediately clean up any spills and tell anyone who enters your house to wipe their feet or take off their shoes. Finally, as a last ditch effort, if your carpet is beyond the point of carpet cleaning (even with a carpet chemicals) then you should consider replacing the entire carpet throughout your home.

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