Products of a Reputable Company

Products of a Reputable Company: A good carpet cleaning supply company will have everything the professional carpet cleaner will need to do his job, as well as everything a homeowner will need to keep his or her carpet and upholstered furniture in top shape. The main machine that battles against dirty carpets is known as a carpet extractor. This machine, in its most basic form, is a waterproof vacuum cleaner that extracts water and dirt from a carpet. Some models incorporate a spraying nozzle which soaks the carpet in soapy foam. Others have rotating bristles that scrub the carpet and help to remove ingrained dirt and debris.


In addition to the portable cleaners, any reputable carpet cleaning supply company should have truck mounted extractors as well. These are used by commercial and professional cleaners like Carpet Cleaning Springfield Mo who need a high-powered and reliable extracting machine. These machines are mounted in a truck and the cables and hoses that actually come in contact with the carpet must be run into the house, office, building, etc., where the cleaning is to be done. This company should have special detergent formulas for these high-potency machines, and because they can be tricky to operate, it may be best to leave the operation of theses machines to the professionals who have received training in their use.

Products of a Reputable Company

A carpet cleaning supply company who caters to business professionals as well as private consumers, should also have a number of other products. For example, they should have standard and professional vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, propane burnishers, carpet cleaning chemicals, and floor care solutions. They should also have a good customer supports system for those times you are having trouble with a machine. In fact, it is a good idea to try a machine out before you buy it. Some companies will allow a trial period for getting accustomed to a cleaner, while others encourage you to rent a machine before you buy it.

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